Copy Right 2012 VCare Creation
Our Story
We are a group of young and energetic professionals came with different backgrounds, including business administration, computer engineering, fashion design and mobile game design. We share the same believe that mobile device is the best platform for children to learn skills and develop traits from playing and laughing. In addition, we are dedicated to produce high quality products in every aspect that can make our customers, children and  parents, greatly satisfied.  
The name VCare (pronounced as we-care) is conceived because we care about how parents use mobile devices as better tools in helping kids learn and enhance interpersonal relationship.   VCare is also derived from vocare, which is a Latin verb meaning call or summon. We believe we work together not only by our will but also by the will of God. And we are working to answer the calling.
Through what we produce and serve, we believe every child can have better education and all round development.
To provide high quality and innovative products for mobile devices that help children learn through playing.
Our Believes
We believe in integrity, respect for individuals, teamwork, innovation, and need for contribution to the community.