Math Ocean & RexNFoodbot – Free until Dec15!

Don’t miss your chance to get our interesting edutainment apps!

Math Ocean, our 5-star rating app:
✔ ” It’s big and bright and bold and easy to use and might just be the thing to keep your children amused while they are being educated.” –
✔ “Dory is a cute character and it’s fun to have her presenting the math problems.” –

Math Ocean: ocean/id536139957?ls=1&mt=8

RexNFoodbot, our latest edutainment app, is a novel way to let your kids learn different food nutrients and their functions. In these seven funny and relaxing mini games, they can raise kids’ awareness of having a healthy and balanced diet.


Right now, we’re giving away Math Ocean and RexNFoodbot for FREE, so if you haven’t got them yet, here’s your chance! The offer is valid  14-15 Dec, 2012.

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