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Math Ocean
Let your kids to explore oceans with Dory the dolphin, to learn and practice basic math skills. With the aid of lovely ocean creatures, your children will solve addition, subtraction, counting, sorting and other related problems. Each ocean creature has its own little secret. Let's find them out!
Join Dory and her friends as they explore different oceans and learn through 5 interesting educational activities:

1. Antarctic Ocean - Subtraction:  Point the hopping penguins to jump into sea and learn how to subtract.
2. Indian Ocean - Addition: Learn how to add as the fish arrive the ocean.
3. Pacific Ocean - Matching: Help repairing the broken submarine by putting on the windows in correct shape and color.
4. Beach - Sorting: Arrange the lovely sea creatures in correct sequence.
5. Beach - Patterning: Complete the pattern in logical order with correct toys.

Math Ocean includes 2 levels for Preschool and Kindergarten. Level 1 includes addition/ subtraction with numbers up to 5. Level 2 includes addition/subtraction with numbers up to 10.

Most of the instrumental music recorded in this app is originally composed. With the strings and piano effect, the songs’ melody can motivate the kids to learn math in a relaxing mood.

Tip for parents:
1. Swipe Dory, the lovely dolphin, to make her swim to other oceans.
2. Touch the cloud at the upper left  corner to select the activity you prefer.
3. Tap the question mark at the upper right  corner to get hints.
4. Touch each ocean creature to find its own little secret.