Copy Right 2012 VCare Creation
Come and help Rex fix his robot! This will involve 7 activities and they are all funny and challenging tasks. Completing each task will give you a code that helps Rex to repair Foodbot. Yet Rex will need all your dexterity and wit to solve the food crisis.
Let's be the think tank of Rex and solve the food crisis over the world:

- Funny characters with comical facial expression, voice and appearance
- 7 playful activities to play with – help kids distinguish between healthy foods and junk foods, learn different nutrients and understand why some foods are called "super foods""
- 7 delighting scenery
- Attractive original artwork
- Kid- friendly interface
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchase

RexNFoodbot is not only a game. It's an edutainment app to let kids learn food nutrients and their functions.  Kids will not only get fun but also learn amazing secrets about food.