Guess what our environment looks like?

Thanks for reading our blog. We, VCare Creation, are located in Hong Kong. This is a city with a great harbor and lots of mountains. It is also surrounded by numerous islands. The urban area just occupied a few percentages of the land in Hong Kong. So, one may guess quickly that office buildings in Hong Kong are surrounded by hills and sea. Yes, our office is located not far from a great hill and we can easily see the greens outside our window. What about the sea? Since Hong Kong is full of skyscrapers, most of the offices here, including ours, are without sea view now.

Let’s have a quick tour of our office. In here, we did setup chairs and desks like any traditional IT/software house. However, we are developing mobile apps for children and we always keen to learn about how children think and play. That’s why we have a play corner inside the office. This corner is littered with different toys, stuff animals and stickers. And we will put in more to make this corner looks like a playground for your children.

And the funniest toy we have now is a fish blowing machine that can blow up paper fish in the sky. We are now inviting more ideas on what toys to put in. If you have any good ideas, please let us know by email and we will reward you with a surprise gift.


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