Math Ocean – 50% dicount until Jan 1!

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Math Ocean is an edutainment game that helps children (ages 0-6) learn basic math skills through stuns performed by different sea creatures.

In Math Ocean, Dory, a lovely girl dolphin, will lead children to learn and practice basic math skills. In addition, Dory has many friends, like shy seahorses, hopping penguins, sleepy gold fish, and they will provide hints for children to solve math problems. These sea creatures have their little secrets that children will be amused upon discovery.

Math Ocean includes five educational activities: addition, subtraction, patterns, matching and sorting. It also provides two difficulty levels, originally composed music and a sticker level that allows children retrieve their achievements and rewards at any time.

Right now, we’re offering 50% discount on Math Ocean. The offer is valid Dec 20, 2012 – Jan1, 2013.


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